Unreported Story (12′)



Twenty-two year old Aye Pwint spends her days foraging for herbs and roots to sell in the market. As she hacks her way desultorily through the undergrowth, we learn of her sad existence caught between a violent step-father and an indifferent mother.
Director Lay Thida, who grew up close to where the film’s protagonist lives, says: ‘I wanted to tell Aye Pwint’s story to make people in Myanmar aware of women’s issues. I hope this film will encourage Myanmar’s women’s groups to push for policy changes that will protect women and empower them to overcome such abusive relationships.’

The Bamboo Grove


Director and Cinematographer: Lay Thida
Sound: Ei Nanda Phway
Editor: Eh Mwee
Editing Mentors: Jessica Ehlebracht & Regina Bärtschi


Born in Kayah State in eastern Myanmar, director Lay Thida joined YFS in 2005. Her first film, Just a Boy, screened at international film festivals. She has directed four films for clients in the development sector (The Change Maker, A Farmer’s Tale, Listen to Us and The Long Way Home). 2010 was a particularly busy year for Lay Thida: she also made two documentaries, Unreported Story and Wrong Side Up, the latter produced during a ten-week course at the UK’s National Film and TV School. Lay Thida is co-founder of the NGO Better Life which has projects in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta and Rakhine State.

Director’s filmography (selection)

2005 Peace Of Mind (10’11”, sound recordist)
2006 A Million Threads (15’20”, sound recordist)
2006 A Sketch of Wathone (14’58”,sound recordist)
2006 The Uninvited Guest (13’49”, sound recordist)
2006 Just A Boy (13’05”, director and editor)
2007 The Merry Widows of Nam Mun Village (22’22”, sound recordist)
2007 A Farmer’s Tale (18’17”, director and editor)
2008 The Change Maker (15’59”, director and editor)
2009 Listen to Us (18’43”, director and editor)
2009 The Long Way Home (8’15”, director and editor)
2009 Our Forests, Our Future (23’15”, sound recordist)
2011 Unreported Story (12′, director)
2011 Wrong Side Up (12’22”, director and editor)
2011 Bungkus (The Parcel) (18’50”, director)

Screening History

May 2012 Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival Student Competition, Germany
January 2013 DocPoint Helsinki International Documentary Film Festival, Finland
May 2013 15th International Women’s Film Festival Seoul, Korea

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