The Other Side Of The Tracks (16’10”)

A night-time odyssey through Yangon

A film by: Aye Chan, Chit Moe Pio, Htun Tauk Moe Thu, Saw Eh Doh Poe and Thae Zar Chi Khaing; Editor: Sai Nyi Nyi




Schoolboy Thura runs away from home and meets three street kids. They play football and suppress hunger pangs by sniffing glue. But the freedom of life on the street has its drawbacks. Will Thura realise there’s no place like home? 


Aye Chan and Chit Moe Pio worked together on Going Home, a documentary about Chit Moe Pio’s native village in Kayah State where his hill-farming family pursue a way of life unchanged for centuries. Saw Eh Doe Poe and Htun Tauk Moe Thu made valuable contributions to YFS’s docuanimation films, in particular 2018’s Our Town about a mixed-faith community living in peaceful co-existence in the delta region. Thae Zar Chi Khaing’s documentary about land mines, Seeds of Sadness, has screened widely in Myanmar and at international festivals. After editing the 2016 True Fictions film, The Book Lover, Sai Nyi Nyi is becoming adept at both fiction and documentary editing.




Duration 16’10’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2020

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