The Banyan Tree (16’24”)

Can Mo Kham escape her past?

A film by: Aye Nilar Kyaw, Khine Minn Soe, Maung Okkar, Myat Minn Khant and Nang Chan Myayt Aye; Editor: Zin Mar Oo




Young Shan woman Mo Kham arrives in Yangon to work at Daw Ngwe’s shop. She is hoping for a fresh start but the trauma of war isn’t so easy to put behind her. Can she find a way to start living in the present? 


Aye Nilar Kyaw is an experienced camerawoman who made her directing debut with the short 2017 documentary Child of the Revolution; Khine Minn Soe is an established visual artist in Yangon while Maung Okkar gained experience before the camera as a young star in his famous director father’s films as well as directing his own work such as the 2009 festival favourite Charcoal Boy; Myat Minn Khant also comes from a filmmaking family and is now working on documentary and fiction projects; hailing from Shan state, Nang Chan Myayt Aye directed the 2017 YFS documentary Buy, Sell, Resell. After working extensively on the post-production of both seasons of Myanmar TV series The Sun, The Moon & the Truth, Zin Mar Oo is one of YFS’s most experienced editors.




Duration 16’24’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2020

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