Respectful Encounters (17’17”)


A crucial aspect the Yangon-based Local Resource Centre’s work is to establish and enhance mechanisms to ensure accountability to communities. This short documentary takes a look at the importance of accountability as an integral but sometimes underestimated part of community-based response. Interviewing lively excerpts from an accountability training workshop with scenes of beneficiaries and development staff in the field, Respectful Encounters enables us to hear all sides of the accountability project, and understand what needs to be done to ensure that its implementation becomes second nature – for all those involved.


Director: Eh Mwee
Cinematographer: Khin Khin Hsu
Sound: Hnin Ei Hlaing
Editor: Eh Mwee
Editing Mentor: Regina Bärtschi


Director, cinematographer and editor Eh Mwee first joined YFS in 2005. After completing a Masters degree in gender and development studies in Bangkok, she returned to Myanmar where she worked for a number of development organisations including Oxfam and the Myanmar Baptist Convention before resuming her film training at YFS in 2009. Eh Mwee’s 2005 portrait of a waitress at a Yangon restaurant A Day with Aye Nan Lin was one of the first YFS films to be broadcast on MRTV. Respectful Encounters, which she also edited, marks her first NGO-commissioned work.

Director’s filmography (selection)

2005 A Day with Aye Nan Lin (12’39”, director)
2009 Respectful Encounters (17’17”, director, editor)
2010 Dreaming in Colour (7′,codirector, cinematographer, sound recordist)
2010 Unreported Story (12′, editor)

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