Made in Mandalay (11’04”)

The making and breaking of Myanmar’s famous footwear

Made in Mandalay Still 11

Director and Cinematography: Nay Linn Htun
Sound Recordist: Sai Nyi Nyi
Editor: Zin Mar Oo
Editing Mentor: Karryn de Cinque

As cheaper footwear from China floods the domestic market, the makers of traditional velvet-and- leather Mandalay slippers are struggling to survive. ‘Sumptuously photographed and well-paced.’

Nay Lynn Htun is a freelance videographer from Kant Balu Township in Sagaing Region in upper Myanmar. Having turned his hand to documentary filmmaking in 2012, he screened his first film, Moonshine over Flower School at the Art of Freedom Festival in 2013. Since enrolling at Yangon Film School in 2014 he has taken on the role of cinematographer on a number of documentaries including fellow student Ngwe Ngwe Khine’s The Bus Conductor and Sai Naw Kham’s 32 Souls. Since making his own second year project Made in Mandalay, which he shot and directed, he has also directed a short drama, Book Lover. Made during the School’s 2015
‘True Fictions’ course, this film received Best Actress Award at the 2016 Wathann Film Festival.

Running time: Approx. 11’04” / 16:9 anamorphic / Subtitles: English / PAL


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