Lashio Ambulance (15’59”)

Director Mann Pye Phyo Aung | Camera Tin Win Naing | Sound Recordist & Additional Camera Htun Tauk Moe Thu | Editor Thae Zar Chi Khaing | Editing Mentor Melanie Sandford ASE




It’s an intense ride with this Muslim volunteer ambulance crew in Lashio in Myanmar’s northern Shan State but one in which their dedication to helping those in need – regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion – is palpable and radiates a powerful message for peace. From beginning to tragic end.



Mann Pye Phyo Aung (27) is from Lashio, the capital of northern Shan State in Myanmar. Like many young people in Myanmar, he has volunteered at a number of civil society organisations where he supported youth projects or campaigned to protect the State’s natural resources. A history student at Lashio University, his determination to shed light on the many hidden stories in his city prompted him to enrol at Yangon Film School in 2018. He has since completed two years of YFS courses and is one of the co-creators of Easy Money a short drama shot in Yangon with a non-professional cast. After a short portrait Construction Worker made during the School’s Art of Documentary Filmmaking course for beginners, Lashio Ambulance marks his second documentary as a director.

Director’s statement:

My interest in the history and culture of different ethnicities in Myanmar made me curious about this Muslim volunteer association which has been providing emergency services in Lashio since 1972. A few years ago, Lashio was the site of fierce sectarian conflict. Yet this ambulance service survived and is still going today because of donations from people of different religious beliefs in Lashio – Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. I was curious to hear their stories – from then and now – and to find out what makes them keep going.



Joint Jade Award Winner 2019 – Goethe-Institute Myanmar – Documentary Competition





Duration 15’59’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2020

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