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The YFS actively seeks cooperation with local and international non-governmental organisations, capacity building organisations and aid agencies in Myanmar. By researching and recording real-life stories for the development sector, students at YFS acquire a deeper understanding of their environment and themselves.

The filmmaking skills of YFS graduates afford organisations an invaluable means to communicate their message to the wider community and tell engaging stories about the impact that integrated development activities are having on the people of Myanmar.

To date the YFS has worked alongside development organisations to produce over twenty tailor-made documentaries and promotional films covering a variety of topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness, community forestry, poverty alleviation, safe migration as well as initiatives in rice growing, irrigation, and education.

Whether YFS filmmakers set up their cameras in rural Myanmar or in urban Yangon, their work exudes a sense of humanity and poise that has become the YFS signature style.

Organisations for whom YFS has produced films include:

YFS also provides training for staff of non governmental organisations.
Please see Application Form and Application Procedure for international non-governmental organisation applicants here.

Production Manager
Lindsey Merrison

Production Coordinator
mail. Wit Hmone Phoo Pwint Thu (Ta Ra)

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