Empty Nest (12’53”)


Daw Ni Lang is a Chin national who lives in Yangon with her Chin husband and youngest son. She bustles around her home, laughs with friends at a local café and fondly remembers her early married life in Chin State. And yet underneath her cheerful demeanour lies a deep sense of loss at having had to leave her Chin homeland and part from four of her five children – all whom have left Myanmar to pursue lives abroad. A familiar story about migration, told in a new context.



Director and Editor: Zaw Naing Oo, Camera: Tun Lynn, Sound: Salai Tial Awi, Editor Mentor: Melanie Sandford


Myanmar computer arts graduate Zaw Naing Oo had his first brush with film at the well- known Myanmar production outfit, Forever Group. After four years of turning out films in rapid succession for production company Lucky Seven he decided to go freelance. He says that his experience as both director and editor on his YFS directorial debut Empty Nest has enabled him to see documentary potential in ‘almost everyone’ he meets.

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