Dreaming In Colour (7′)


A group of male workers at a batik dying factory: their dreams of winning the lottery are as vibrant as the colourful patterns they create on the printing screens.

Director: Eh Mwee and Khin Khin Hsu
Cinematographer: Eh Mwee and Khin Khin Hsu
Sound: Eh Mwee and Khin Khin Hsu
Editor: Zaw Win Htwe
Editing Mentor: Regina Bärtschi


Director, cinematographer and editor Eh Mwee first joined YFS in 2005. After completing a Masters degree in gender and development studies in Bangkok, she returned to Myanmar where she worked for a number of development organisations including Oxfam and the Myanmar Baptist Convention before resuming her film training at YFS in 2009. Eh Mwee’s 2005 portrait of a waitress at a Yangon restaurant A Day with Aye Nan Lin was one of the first YFS films to be broadcast on MRTV. Respectful Encounters, which she also edited, marks her first NGO-commissioned work.

First time director Khin Khin Hsu trained as cinematographer during the 2009 YFS Beginners’ Workshop and proved herself to be a talented and sensitive editor on various YFS projects in 2010 including the warmly observational Thursday’s Child. She grew up in a film environment and perhaps inherited her filmmaking talent from her father, the well-known Burmese editor U Ohn Maung.

Eh Mwee Filmography (selection)

2005 A Day with Aye Nan Lin (12’39”, director)
2009 Respectful Encounters (17’17”, director, editor)
2010 Dreaming in Colour (7′,codirector, cinematographer, sound recordist)
2010 Unreported Story (12′, editor)

Khin Khin Hsu Filmography (selection)

2010 Hey, Girl! (16’32”, cinematographer)
2010 Dreaming in Colour (7′, director, cinematographer, sound)
2011 Thursday’s Child (15′, editor)

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