The Crocodile Creek (17’49”)

Crocodile Creek_pic

As the Burmese legend unfolds of the giant crocodile Nga Moe Yeik – the namesake of this beautiful if eerie-looking creek – some of the people who use this branch of the Yangon River voice their modern-day environmental concerns about one of the city’s iconic waterways.

Director: Sai Naw Kham
Cinematography: Nway Zar Che Soe
Sound Recordist: Khin Warso
Editor: Zin Mar Oo
Project Mentor: Tin Win Naing
Editing Mentors: Dietmar Kraus & Fiona Strain


Sai Naw Kham grew up in Tangyan Township in northern Shan. Having moved to Yangon in 2007, he studied chemistry and began working as an editor for Charr Music Production. His first brush with filmmaking came when he filmed his uncle’s donation to a Palaung village; the Palaung continue to fascinate him and he hopes to return to one day make a feature-length film. He is currently working on a portrait of his grandmother’s sister who lives in Mong Het in northern Shan. After making one short documentary before he joined YFS, The Crocodile Creek marks his second film as director.

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