Amyha – Share (17’54”)

Amyha – Share documents an age-old but now dwindling tradition whereby monks cook up a meal from leftovers. The meal they make symbolises Buddhist precepts of unity and sharing.

Director: Mya Darli Aung
Cinematography: Mya Darli Aung
Sound Recordist: Susan Zaw Win
Editor: Myo Min Khin
Editing Mentor: Melanie Sandford


Mya Darli Aung was born in Myanmar in 1984 and holds a degree from Dagon University, Myanmar. Having joined YFS in 2008, she is currently the school’s Equipment Manager. She has worked on a number of YFS productions in different capacities, notably providing the luminous camerawork for short drama The Bamboo Grove. Amyha – Share marks her first work as a director in her own right.

2009 Falling Blossom (Cinematographer, 05’30”)
2009 Stigmatize This! (Cinematographer, 26’05”)
2011 A Step Forward (Sound Recordist, 20’15”)
2014 Amyha – Share (Director, Cinematographer, Editor, 17’54”)

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