The goal of the Yangon Film School is to found a permanent media centre with a steady film curriculum. This goal serves several concrete purposes:

Advancement of the quality of local film production
Development of a pool of professional filmmakers who understand public interest, non-governmental organisations, and development-related work
Strengthening of the local artistic community

The primary focus of YFS trainings is the documentary, a form of artistic expression that can engage like no other media with a variety of humanitarian topics and provide incisive commentaries on everyday life in Myanmar.

Alongside this, YFS provides workshops and trainings on screenwriting and fictional film production. YFS emphatically encourages its students to develop their own work – be it documentaries, installations or screenplays – and artistic identities.

It is intended that the Yangon Film School be handed over to local filmmakers and management. By this time, it is hoped that YFS will have become a partly self-sufficient media centre, archive and library, generating its income from film courses, film production, as well as hire of its crews and facilities as a post-production house.

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