Wrong Side Up (12’22”)



Burmese émigré Ye Man Htoo dreams of becoming a musician and spends his days busking around London. His family is appalled: in Burma, only beggars play music on streets.

Wrong Side Up was created during a documentary course at the UK’s National Film and TV School, which Burmese filmmaker and development worker Lay Thida attended as a Charles Wallace Trust Fellow.

Director: Lay Thida
Camera: Lay Thida
Sound: Lay Thida
Editor: Lay Thida


Lay Thida was born in 1983 in Loikaw, Kayah state in eastern Myanmar. An English graduate (Taunggyi University), she joined the YFS in 2005. A regular sound recordist on YFS productions, her directorial debut Just A Boy earned her a Heinrich Boell Foundation Documentary Award in 2007. Her subsequent work includes portraits of an ex-poppy grower
(A Farmer’s Tale, 2007) and a young development worker (The Change Maker, 2008), and a short documentary about domestic violence in Shan State (Unreported Story, 2011). In 2010 she received a Charles Wallace Trust Fellowship to attend a documentary course at the National Film and Television School in the United Kingdom, which culminated in the production of a short documentary, Wrong Side Up. Alongside her work as a filmmaker she has co-founded the Myanmar-based NGO Better Life which supports in particular children, women and the most vulnerable people in Myanmar.

Filmography (selection)
2005 Peace Of Mind (10’11”, sound recordist)
2006 A Million Threads (15’20”, sound recordist)
2006 A Sketch of Wathone (14’58”,sound recordist)
2006 The Uninvited Guest (13’49”, sound recordist)
2006 Just A Boy (13’05”, director and editor)
2007 The Merry Widows of Nam Mun Village (22’22”, sound recordist)
2007 A Farmer’s Tale (18’17”, director and editor)
2008 The Change Maker (15’59”, director and editor)
2009 Listen to Us (18’43”, director and editor)
2009 The Long Way Home (8’15”, director and editor)
2009 Our Forests, Our Future (23’15”, sound recordist)
2011 Unreported Story (12′, director)
2011 Wrong Side Up (12’22”, director and editor)
2011 Bungkus (The Parcel) (18’50”, director)

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