Through Thick and Thin (16’28”)

The ties that bind one hard-working patchwork family


Through thick and thin_1


Director Win Thu Myo |
Camera Aye Nilar Kyaw |
Sound Myat Minn Khant | Editors
May Htoo Cho, Soe Arkar Htun |
Project Mentor Kyaw Ko Ko |
Editing Mentor | Jessica

U Myint Shwe and Daw Htay live with their patchwork family in a tiny hut in Yangon’s
South Dagon Myo Thit district surrounded by the huge piles of garbage they collect as
municipal workers. In between sorting and recycling in order to scrape together a meagre
living they ponder the reasons why their relationship has endured all manner of hardships.

Win Thu Myo (26) grew up in a village in Natmauk Township in Magway region in central
Myanmar. After studying cinematography and drama at the University of Arts and Culture
in Yangon he began working as an editor of music videos and shorts, also appearing as an
actor. He made one short film Ah Nee Hmone before enrolling at YFS in 2016. Since
directing Through Thick and Thin he has attended a number of YFS courses. He is
currently teaching at the National University of Arts and Culture (NUAC) in Mandalay.

Duration 16’28’’ min | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2017

This film was produced by Yangon Film School (YFS), an award-winning non-profit organisation dedicated tosupporting a diverse media culture in Myanmar.

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