On Holiday (19′)


Devotees of the centuries-old Ananda pagoda festival in Bagan wouldn’t miss this annual event for anything. A deeply felt observation of rural festival goers as they spend four days relaxing, browsing, shopping and making donations.



Director: Shin Daewe
Camera: Thu Thu Shein
Sound: Hnin Ei Hlaing
Editor: Shin Daewe
Editing Mentors: Melanie Sandford and Regina B├Ątschi


Shin Daewe began her film career as an assistant producer at AV Media. Since joining YFS in 2006 she has created a number of films for NGOs such as Pyoe Pin, PSI and Metta Development Foundation. Her own projects include a portrait of the painter Rahula An Untitled Life, which was shown on numerous film festivals around the world and Robe. She is currently working on a film about Myanmar’s recent election entitled The Collector.


2007 Beyond The Tsunami (20’50”, director)
2008 An Untitled Life (22’08”, director)
2009 A Bright Future (15’23”, director)
2011 The Bamboo Grove (19′, producer)
2011 The Robe (7′, director, editor)
2011 On Holiday (19′, director, editor)

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