June 2012


I am excited to announce that BBC Films have agreed to be one of the judges for the Yangon Film School’s screenwriting competition. Having made recent hits like ‘My Week With Marilyn’, ‘Made In Dagenham’, ‘Jane Eyre’ (with rising star Michael Fassbender) and ‘Brighton Rock’, the BBC clearly recognises the ingredients which go into making a successful and entertaining screen-story.

The BBC will join a panel of professional screenwriters and producers who have agreed to dedicate their time to reading all the competition entries and deciding which project should win the prize of being developed and taken into production as YFS’s first ever fiction feature film.

It is very simple to enter the competition. All you really need is a cracking good idea for a feature film script! Here are the rules and regulations:

Writers should be Myanmar nationals.

Screenwriting experience is a bonus, but writers with a track record in prose fiction, poetry, drama or journalism can also enter the competition.

In the first instance, writers should submit 3 things:

  1. 1.A 200-500 word outline for feature film of 90-100 minutes in length. The film will be shot in Myanmar using real locations and Myanmar nationals in the main roles. The film will be low-budget. We are looking for contemporary stories which will tell a domestic and international audience about the way people live in Myanmar today in an engaging and entertaining way.
  2. 1.A 200-500 word statement explaining why the writer wants to write this story and its relevance to life in contemporary Myanmar.
  3. A CV which shows the writer’s experience in screenwriting and/or other forms or writing (prose fiction, poetry, journalism, etc).
  4. The development of the story idea and the chosen writer’s screenwriting skills will be fully supported by YFS.

Please submit all 3 documents in either Myanmar or English to yfs.yfs@googlemail.com or info.yfs@googlemail.com

The closing date has been extended to: FRIDAY 17 AUGUST 2012so you still have time to come up with a great feature film idea.

BBC Film, the other judges and myself are looking forward to reading your ideas.


Rachel Mathews
Screenwriting Tutor, Yangon Film School

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