Going Home (18’50”)

Director Chit Moe Pio | Camera Aye Chan | Sound Recordist Aung Htet Myet | Editor May Htoo Cho | Project & Camera Mentor Tin Win Naing



A young filmmaker pays a visit to his native village in Myanmar’s Kayah State where he reconnects with his hill-farming family and a way of life marked by privation but rich in tradition that has remained unchanged for centuries. His presence rekindles old arguments between his siblings and his mother, reminding him all too keenly of the sacrifices each of them has made so that he might have an education.


Director Chit Moe Pio (26) is from Kayah, Myanmar’s smallest state. After studies in social science he attended courses in leadership, peace and conflict before joining a Peace and Development Initiative in Rakhine State where he first came into contact with media as a tool for social development. Since enrolling at Yangon Film School in 2018 he has attended a number of YFS courses as well as a workshop on how to develop long-term observational documentary formats. Filmed in his native Kayan village of Tha Yu, Going Home is his first documentary as a director.



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Duration 18’50’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2019

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