Film Equipment / Regulations



I / General Conditions

Yangon Film School equipment may only be hired and operated by members of the Yangon Film School. A member of Yangon Film School is defined as a person who has completed at least one practical filmmaking course in which they have learned to operate the equipment they wish to hire (i.e. The Art of Documentary Filmmaking. True Fictions, introduction to editing)

The leaser is responsible for the equipment from the time he/she picks it up from the YFS house to the time it is returned and checked by the Equipment Manager / Storekeeper. All members of YFS are required to treat YFS equipment with due care and respect. Equipment is to be packed carefully in cases and bags provided.

The leaser must inform the Equipment Manager at least five days in advance prior to hiring equipment and arrange a pick up time. (Once a full-time Equipment Manager/Storekeeper has been appointed, the leaser may pick up the equipment anytime during office hours).

The leaser must sign an inventory provided by the Equipment Manager and a contract with YFS management (School Manager or Administrator) prior to hiring equipment.

The leaser must check the equipment together with the Equipment Manager prior to and following the loan upon its return to the YFS office.

Radio mikes may only be used by members of Yangon Film School with sufficient experience (currently Snow, Sai Kong Kham, Darli, Kyaw Ko Ko, Sai Nyi Nyi, Tin Win Naing).

Equipment cannot be loaned for longer than a period of ten days at any one time, unless prior approval is obtained from the YFS Student Committee and YFS Director.


II / Fees for Equipment Hire
The fee schedule for hiring of Yangon Film School filming equipment is as follows:
Fees for Equipment Hire

III / Rights

If the leaser pays the agreed full student price for hire of YFS equipment for their own project, or the full third party price for YFS equipment hire for projects for a third party, they (or in the case of a film made for a third party, their client) may retain copyright for their film.

If a YFS member is making use of YFS equipment FOC to make their film, copyright ownership will be shared with YFS.

If YFS is also providing all post-production of the student’s film, YFS will retain 100% copyright ownership.

IV / Damage and Repairs

Any damage to filming equipment and/or office equipment is to be reported immediately by the leaser to the Equipment Manager.

Any damage that is not considered by the Equipment Manager to be a result of normal ‘wear and tear’ but to have resulted from gross negligence or loss is to be reported to the YFS Committee, YFS management and YFS Director who will decide a course of action.

YFS members found to have misused or lost equipment as a result of misconduct or negligence will be liable to make a contribution of up to 50% towards the cost of replacing the equipment.

1 YFS Equipments' Hire Rules _Burmese

2 YFS Equipments' Hire Rules _Burmese

3 YFS Equipments' Hire Rules _Burmese

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