Courses 2017

Advanced Editing Course & Documentary Competition for Second-Year students
date: 03.07. – 19.08.2017 / non-residential course /
venue: YFS house


Seven-week advanced editing course for editing of second-year students’ competition films

Application Form: closed /
Post-production coaching
date: 21.08. – 16.09.17 / non-residential course /
venue: YFS house


Five-week coaching by int’l mentor to help student editors complete online edit of documentary competition films to professional standards (includes grading, subtitles, credits, pre-mix, export for mix)

Application Form: closed /

Sound Design
date: 02.10. – 28.10.17/ non-residential course /
venue: YFS house


Four-week course introducing new students to the role of the sound designer and enables more experienced students to mix projects produced during the year by students

Application Form: closed /
Travelling Cinema Project
date: tba / non-residential course /
venue: Myanmar


Outreach project of screenings, discussions and participatory video facilitations to give a voice to marginalised communities

Application Form: coming soon /

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