Child of the Revolution (16’54”)

Director and Camera Aye Nilar Kyaw | Sound Recordist Kyaw Ko Ko | Editor Sai Nyi Nyi | Editing Mentor Tuula Mehtonen | Music Kyaw Ko Ko, Aye Nilar Kyaw Saw, Eh Do Poe


For over sixty years, the Karen National Union was at war with the Burmese military, known as Tatmadaw. In this elegiac portrait a young Karen woman reflects on her family’s years of struggle during the conflict in Myanmar’s south-east and looks ahead to the challenges of securing lasting peace.

Aye Nilar Kyaw (23) is herself Kayin (Karen) and a Christian. She took up a distance learning degree in law at West Yangon University in 2012 and worked in various jobs, also volunteering for NGO Vision Trust Myanmar, before enrolling at YFS in 2016. She has since worked on several YFS and other projects as director (For My Son), editor, cinematographer and sound designer (Through Thick and Thin). Child of the Revolution, which received the 2017 Goethe Institut Myanmar Jade Documentary Award, is her first film as both director and cinematographer. A YFS Fellowship grantee, she is currently working with another YFS student Eim Chan Thar on a documentary about Kayin State’s little-known Talaku tribe.

Duration 16’54’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2018

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