Call for YFS Student Trainer


Call for Yangon Film School Student Trainers in Camera, Sound, Directing & Editing for the 2014 ‘Art of Documentary Filmmaking – Beginners Workshop’


Are you a supportive team player who enjoys sharing your knowledge with your peers and new students? Would you like to gain more experience as a film trainer and improve your own filmmaking skills?

We are looking for dedicated Student Trainers to co-tutor alongside our international tutors during our 2014 edition of our flagship workshop ‘The Art of Documentary Filmmaking’ beginning on 11 June, 2014.

Duties include classroom teaching, mentoring beginner-crews during their final film assignments and/or editing of Beginners’ final assignments.


Payment will made per session be according to the Student Trainer’s experience and number of previous trainings. First time Student Trainers are considered to be volunteers; second-time trainers receive 5,000 MMK per session (i.e. morning/afternoon/evening); third-time trainers receive 10,000 MMK / session and fourth-time trainers receive 15,000 MMK / session.

Workshop venue (tentatively Pinlon Village) in Yangon,Myanmar

Total running time:
11.6. – 27.7.14 (includes Basic Training from 11.6.- 13.6.14.)

6 weeks / 6-day week / 2-3 sessions a day


Positions available:

Two camera trainers

  • from 11.6.14 – 12.7.14 including Basic Training

Two sound trainers

  • from 11.6.14 – 12.7.14 including Basic Training

Four student editors

  • from 16.6.14 – 27.7.14

Four directing trainers/mentors from

  • from 16.6.14 – 27.7.14



Student trainers should:

• Have been enrolled at YFS for at least 2 years
• Have completed the following courses:

• Beginner’s WS ‘The Art of Documentary Filmmaking’

• Introduction to Editing

• Film Analysis and/or Film History

• True Fictions
Those wishing to work as camera and/or sound trainers should additionally have attended either of the following courses:

• Advanced Cinematography (or ‘The Authentic and the Poetic Camera’)
• Sound Design

Attention: Student trainers should also have worked on at least 2 films in their capacity (i.e. as editor / sound recordist / camera person / director)



Please send your Applications (download) via mail to Yangon Film School.


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