Burmese Rapper (13’06”)

Director May Myat Noe Aye | Camera Thant Zin Aung | Sound Recordist Seint Yamoone Htoo | Editor Mi Mi Lwin | Project Mentor Aye Nilar Kyaw | Editing Mentors Zaw Win Htwe and Tuuli Alanärä

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Long-haired and skinny Mandalay rapper ‘Wareru’ expounds his approach to life and his music in this offbeat portrait of one of Myanmar’s most popular hip hop artists. You don’t have to be Shan to wear Shan trousers, claims this wordsmith, but you might have to go back to your Burmese history books to get all the references in his lyrics.


May Myat Noe Aye was born in Yangon in 1995. After studying German and business management she began working as a researcher for Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation where she participated in several social impact assessments. Since enrolling at YFS in 2018, she has completed a number of courses including Docu-Animation, where she helped create the short film Beyond the Hatred, which is based on an oral history from a book called ‘Of Peaceful Days’. Produced during the YFS flagship course The Art of Documentary Filmmaking, Burmese Rapper is her first film as a director.



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Duration 13’06’’ | Format 16:9 anamorphic | System PAL | Subtitles English | 2019

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